Frequently asked questions

Why do I have body odour when I use Natural Deodorant?

Natural deodorants do tend to feel a little different to antiperspirants. They don't block your pores which means they allow your body's natural process of detoxification through the skin. You may find you still get a little bit of perspiration, but the perspiration itself does not smell, it's when it mixes with bacteria on your skin. The ODORCO™ ingredient in Only Good works to target the bacteria on the skin and it also works to fight odour to neutralise it. We have also had some feedback from some people that it has taken them a couple of weeks to successfully transition to Natural Deodorant.

Is my Hand Wash / Body Wash bottle full?

Only Good Hand Wash and Body Wash bottles are a larger size than the volume of liquid that they contain. This means the standard fill level does not usually come right to the top of the bottle.

How do I recycle Only Good bottles?

Only Good bottles are made from PET or RPET which is recyclable. To help with the recycling process, removing the label and pump before putting the bottle into your recycling bin, ensures that each component is recycled appropriately.

Where does Only Good get fragrances from?

All Only Good products are synthetic fragrance free - we only use 100% natural ingredients. The fragrances that we use are completely naturally derived, however we don't specifically list what they are on the packaging in order to keep our special recipe to ourselves.

Are Only Good products Vegan friendly?

Some Only Good products are vegan friendly however we do have a few that contain honey or beeswax.

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