Only Good is formulated to be gentler for all types of skin and the environment too – 100% Palm Oil free, no petrochemicals, and never ever tested on animals.

Palm Oil Free

In the past decade, nearly 80% of deforestation in Indonesia’s peat swamp forests was driven by the expansion of palm oil plantations.

Palm Oil plantations pose a major threat to the Earth’s rainforests and many species of animals are now on the brink of extinction as a result of Palm Oil production.

If you want to do your part then look for palm oil free products like Only Good, if everyone does little things, it can add up to a lot.

100% Naturally Derived / Approved

What we leave out is every bit as important as what we put in. There are thousands of chemically manufactured ingredients used in personal care products, and some can cause irritation to people or the environment. So we created Only Good® – clear conscience nutrition for your skin. Click here to read the A-Z of Only Good ingredients.

New Zealand Made

Only Good is made in New Zealand, is grey water friendly and has formulations suitable for vegans. Only Good means nothing added that isn’t good for you and your family.

Cruelty Free

Only Good does not support the cruel practise of animal testing and we are proud to be Cruelty Free. Our ingredients are sourced from reputable suppliers and none of our range, or ingredients are ever tested on animals.

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